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New | PPQ Spring/Summer 2013 In The Starplaza

By now, everyone has no doubtingly seen the newest PPQ release in the Starplaza. This unexpected release has stirred a lot of buzz in the Stardoll community for two reasons. First and foremost, everyone is talking about the timer that's located in the store. Yes, this collection is here for a limited time only- one week to be exact. It itself isn't limited or limited edition, just here limited time only. There is a difference. And second, this collection is from the PPQ Spring/Summer 2013 show. We are way past those two seasons for Stardoll to be releasing this collection. However, this does explain why there is a timer on the collection making it a sample sale. The collection looks pretty good though. I ended up buying 14 items for a total of 288sd. Below is the complete collection in real life.

Did you buy anything from the new PPQ release?


  1. I 'm not a big fan of this collection, although I usually adore PPQ.
    I bought only three things, the blush coat, hat and collar dress.
    I'm hoping for a sale the last day, so I can buy some of the marine pieces!

  2. I loved it

  3. I quite liked some items in this collection while some clothes didn't appeal to me the other better part of the collection were lovely. I only could buy one item but I am waiting to a sale so I can buy the pearl collar dress.

    1. same but some of them were great