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New | PPQ Spring/Summer 2013 In The Starplaza

By now, everyone has no doubtingly seen the newest PPQ release in the Starplaza. This unexpected release has stirred a lot of buzz in the Stardoll community for two reasons. First and foremost, everyone is talking about the timer that's located in the store. Yes, this collection is here for a limited time only- one week to be exact. It itself isn't limited or limited edition, just here limited time only. There is a difference. And second, this collection is from the PPQ Spring/Summer 2013 show. We are way past those two seasons for Stardoll to be releasing this collection. However, this does explain why there is a timer on the collection making it a sample sale. The collection looks pretty good though. I ended up buying 14 items for a total of 288sd. Below is the complete collection in real life.

Did you buy anything from the new PPQ release?


Media Partners | Stardoll Broadcast & The Stardoll Fashion Week

I am happy to announce that The Stardoll Corner has acquired  two new media partners.

The first one is Stardoll Broadcast. This blog comes out with new content just about every day. Their posts are well written and vary from subjects like Outfit of the Day, Featured Designers, and news about the newest Starplaza releases. I highly recommend you check out the blog and follow them. 

The second is the Stardoll Fashion Week. I am pretty intrigued by this project. As I was browsing through the blog, I noticed how extremely planned out it was. I think this fashion week project will be a success. Also, they are looking for designers to participate. If you have a clothing or accessories line, now is your chance to get in the spotlight. So check out the blog and participate in what will be one of the biggest events in 2014. 

Young Holly-Would | Sao Paulo Fashion Week |

Stardoll released seven new Young Hollywood pieces today. The three-outfit collection was based on the Sao Paulo Fall 2014 collection. I was so pleasantly surprised when I first saw the new YH items because I actually liked all of them. So, you can imagine my disappointment when I realized they were all sold out by the time I saw them. I guess I wasn't the only one that fell in love with the mini collection because they were gone within a few hours of being released. I dug up the real life versions of the outfits as they were modeled on the runway at the Colcci F/W 2014 by the ever so gorgeous Gisele Bundchen.


Media Partner | Curious Stardoll Critics

I would like to announce that The Stardoll Corner is now partnered up with another amazing, fashion-filled blog called Curious Stardoll Critics owned by LAVIVVA. CSC had been open since April 2012. It's filled with tons of refreshingly unique articles. It's one of those blogs that you can open up and just start reading post after post and you'll keep wanting more because it just sucks you in. The blog has an overall clean look to it so that it's pleasing on the eyes. I highly recommend you check it out and follow them. Click here to go to Curious Stardoll Critics blog site and show them some love.


Introducing | Fakeshake3 for TSC

I would like all of you to welcome the newest addition to the TSC staff, Lindsay, as known as Fakeshake3. Lindsay has been around on Stardoll since 2007, but I think she's ready for a comeback into the Stardoll social scene spotlight. Afterall, it was her generation of users that created this virtual blogging part of Stardoll. She's a timeless fashion icon, reminding us of our beloved "old Stardoll." Tons of random Stardoll members visit her on a daily basis just to see her daily classy and put-together outfits, reminiscent of the earlier Stardoll years . 

I think it's safe to say Lindsay is back and ready to dominate the social scene. As for now, lets make her feel welcome here at TSC and be on the lookout for posts from her coming soon. 


Mod Market | Top 3 Must Haves Before They Are Gone

Mod Market has reached its final days in the Starplaza. As Mod Market bids adieu, the store is having a 50% off everything sale so that you can grab some clothes at bargain price. Now if you're wondering what items to purchase, I've made a short list of the top three must haves from Mod Market to get before they are gone. 

Number 3: Beehive Wig
I'm kind of in love with this 60s hairstyle. It may not be an everyday kind of hairstyle, but it's great to have in you collection for those special occasions and events.

Number 2: Twiggy 60s Painting

This is a lovely piece of art to have in your suite. Twiggy is such a fun fashion icon, so why not hang her up in a posh room in your suite.

Number 1: Mondrian Shift Dress

This  Yves Saint Laurent inspired dress is actually a costume version of the dress. Nevertheless, it's a must have because of the endless ways you can style it to show off that 60s era. 

This is the actual YSL Mondrian day dress that the Stardoll/costume versions were inspired by.

These were my top 3 must haves from the store, but I would love you know what yours are. Leave a comment below to let me know.


Callie's Picks: Issue No. 2 | The Perfect Mess

I'm sure you all have seen the latest releases in the Starplaza. Callie's Picks: Issue No. 2 was released earlier this week to the public and it's been getting some mixed reviews. Seems to me like it's a love or hate type of collection. 
Based on the spoiler that Stardoll sent out via dollmail to everyone (see image), I was expecting something totally different than what they presented to us.
However, my hopes were shattered when I visited the Starplaza. Don't get me wrong, there are tons of great clothing items (some that may even be considered somewhat rare), but the store looked like a mess. The mannequins' outfits looked like they were just thrown together last minute. There was no uniform-ness to the whole thing. I don't know if it's just my OCD kicking in or what, but looking at all of it just makes me want to somehow take everything out and restyle the mannequins so that they all look clean and chic. Maybe that's just me.. oh the struggle. I mean, it's not completely random clothes thrown in there, right? After-all the theme is "The Perfect Jeans" or denim inspired. 

What are your thoughts on Callie's Picks: Issue No. 2?

Now Hiring

I am on the lookout for a couple hot aspiring writers and/or graphic designers to join the TSC team. There are some requirements to be eligible for consideration. Please read below for more information.

  • Must have some previous blogging experience
  • Must know how to use blogger proficiently
  • Must have excellent grammar and spelling (use spell check if needed)
  • Must be a public follower of this blog

Preferred (The following is not necessarily required, just preferred.) : 
  • Been on Stardoll for over one year
  • Be up to date on all Stardoll information
  • Have decent knowledge of fashion and beauty news

If you meet the requirements and would like to apply, please fill out the following form and submit it in the comments of this post.

Stardoll Username:
Real First Name:
Other: (Anything else you would like to let me know, like about your past blogging experience.)

After you submit the application in the comments, add me on Stardoll so that I may be able to communicate with you via dollmail. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below or through dollmail.