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Callie's Picks: Issue No. 2 | The Perfect Mess

I'm sure you all have seen the latest releases in the Starplaza. Callie's Picks: Issue No. 2 was released earlier this week to the public and it's been getting some mixed reviews. Seems to me like it's a love or hate type of collection. 
Based on the spoiler that Stardoll sent out via dollmail to everyone (see image), I was expecting something totally different than what they presented to us.
However, my hopes were shattered when I visited the Starplaza. Don't get me wrong, there are tons of great clothing items (some that may even be considered somewhat rare), but the store looked like a mess. The mannequins' outfits looked like they were just thrown together last minute. There was no uniform-ness to the whole thing. I don't know if it's just my OCD kicking in or what, but looking at all of it just makes me want to somehow take everything out and restyle the mannequins so that they all look clean and chic. Maybe that's just me.. oh the struggle. I mean, it's not completely random clothes thrown in there, right? After-all the theme is "The Perfect Jeans" or denim inspired. 

What are your thoughts on Callie's Picks: Issue No. 2?


  1. ye, callie has bad fashion taste

  2. The store is okay. It is like a new version of the stardoll archive store.

  3. hate the whole shop

  4. I'm not crazy about this collection at all. I agree with your assessment of its being a mess and not at all what the preview would have made you think it was. I think I bought a pair of shoes.

    Secondly, I don't like this whole idea of Callie's Picks. It's another version of the archive, as anonymous above says. Worst part is that the tag on each item won't say, "already yours" if you do already own the item. Not cool. I have bought items that I already had and that's not fair.

  5. I ;)