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Media Partners | Stardoll Broadcast & The Stardoll Fashion Week

I am happy to announce that The Stardoll Corner has acquired  two new media partners.

The first one is Stardoll Broadcast. This blog comes out with new content just about every day. Their posts are well written and vary from subjects like Outfit of the Day, Featured Designers, and news about the newest Starplaza releases. I highly recommend you check out the blog and follow them. 

The second is the Stardoll Fashion Week. I am pretty intrigued by this project. As I was browsing through the blog, I noticed how extremely planned out it was. I think this fashion week project will be a success. Also, they are looking for designers to participate. If you have a clothing or accessories line, now is your chance to get in the spotlight. So check out the blog and participate in what will be one of the biggest events in 2014. 


  1. Name: Jasmine Alex
    User: Donty123
    Owner: Donty123
    What We Have: Daily releases and soon to Have a Magazine called "LUSH"

  2. Name: Shalom Brave
    User: ladystardoll17
    Owner: Ladystardoll17
    What We Have: A normal stardoll blog with free stuff, spoilers, releases ect...

  3. Hi there. I write for Stardoll News and Tips and I own OOTD Stardoll Lookbook. I was wondering if you would like to become partners with either one of these blogs.
    You can message me on my stardoll account which is Bella14520.

    Thank you :)

    p.s If you want me to fill a form like the other people have, tell me and I shall :)